Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. as a manufacturer of disposable paper food packaging has expanded its wings to European market, by introducing high quality disposable paper packaging products and disposable chef hats. Located at Madrid Exhibition Center, Spain, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. participates the Salon de Gourmet Exhibition on 8-11 April 2019 at the 10K18 Stand 10 Pavilion. Virginie Mace, as an exhibition coordinator for Maesindo Indonesia says “Salon de Gourmets 2018 has united more than 1,600 exhibitors and more than 90,000 visitors, with around 12,000 international buyers from 63 countries. This exhibition will be a great opportunity to introduce Maesindo products, especially Paper Bag products.”

Salon de Gourmets is the international fair of food and beverage quality. This event showcases products like processed and packaged food, seafood, meat, processed and packaged food, poultry products, dairy products, food additives and ingredients, bakery and confectionery equipment, wine, liquor and beverages, coffee and tea etc.

In line with the mission of the Indonesian Trade & Promotion Center (ITPC) Barcelona, which is to promote Indonesian products to the global market, this exhibition provides benefits to introduce products from Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. especially to the European and North African markets. In this event, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. will introduce more about Paper Bag products, as one of the flagships products from paper materials from Indonesia, and also support the Eco-Friendly campaign that is being echoed in the world. (fmy)