About Us

MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. is a manufacturer located in Indonesia that focuses on supporting human life. With more than 25 years of experience in producing disposable items, MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. get closer to human needs, especially for food and health. Deeper, in the food sector, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. support for paper products called food-packaging, in the health sector, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. producing medical protective and hygiene protective apparels made from nonwovens.

As a world-class manufacturer, Maesindo Indonesia ltd. has experience in exporting to more than 150 clients in 50 countries on 5 continents in the world. This experience makes Maesindo Indonesia ltd. committed to being a VISIONARY company, and also INNOVATIVE to always provide new quality products. As the world is changing rapidly, encouraging Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. to always be DYNAMIC to capture more opportunities, and try to serve consumers with INTEGRITY and HONESTY to build long-last partnerships.

Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. ready to provide high quality products to support human daily life, especially through Paper Food Packaging and Medical & Hygiene Protective Apparels products. Certified products, fast lead-time, and communicative are our keys to build good relationship.

Maesindo Grabs European Through Salon De Gourmet Exhibition 2019

Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. as a manufacturer of disposable paper food packaging has expanded its wings to European market, by introducing high quality disposable paper packaging products and disposable chef hats. Located at Madrid Exhibition Center, Spain, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. participates the Salon de Gourmet Exhibition on 8-11 April 2019 at the 10K18 Stand 10 Pavilion.

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Maesindo Indonesia Pioneer of Disaster-Though Company

Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. was confirmed as a pioneer of disaster-tough company by the Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Bantul on April 24, 2019 at the Maesindo Indonesia factory, located in Karangjati, Bantul. This activity begins with a simulation of an earthquake that has the potential for fire, at that time factory workers ran to a safe place, carried out first aid to the injured victims assisted by Red Cross ambulance and firefighters who extinguished the fire.

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Use Paper Bag , Love The Planet

Referring to the plastic-ban regulations in the world, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. as a world-class manufacturer of Foodpackaging Disposables produces a product for solution of plastic replacement. PAPER BAG With paper as basic materials, recyclable and easily decomposed in the soil, it is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, SAFE FOR THE EARTH, SAFE FOR LIFE. Maesindo, which is located in Indonesia, is certainly gets benefit because this country is a paper-producing country. We are able to provide very competitive prices to serve the world needs. The quality of paper is very good and strong, perfect for use as counter and grocery bags in supermarkets. Maesindo Indonesia presents various sizes to suit the needs of each supermarket. For Supermarket, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. provides two thickness options: – 50 gsm for counter bag – 70 gsm for grocery bag Get special quality, with special prices and special production’s lead time.

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