Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. was confirmed as a pioneer of disaster-tough company by the Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Bantul on April 24, 2019 at the Maesindo Indonesia factory, located in Karangjati, Bantul. This activity begins with a simulation of an earthquake that has the potential for fire, at that time factory workers ran to a safe place, carried out first aid to the injured victims assisted by Red Cross ambulance and firefighters who extinguished the fire.

To celebrate Disaster Preparedness Day (HKB) every 26 April, Maesindo Indonesia collaborates with BPBD Bantul to become a disaster-aware and responsive manufacturer, because Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. located in earthquake-prone areas. Since 2018, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. has made various preparations and fulfilled the requirements to become a Tough Disaster Company. For information, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. is a manufacturer of disposable food packaging and hygiene protection apparel for more than 25 years, has 1,000 workers.

BPBD Chief Executive of Bantul – Dwi Daryanto and Regent of Bantul represented by Assistant 1 – Sri Ediasti strongly supported this program, and appreciated Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. as the only company in Yogyakarta that has been confirmed as a pioneer tough disaster company in 2019. In this event, there was also a Regional Government Organization (OPD), Police, Military and other company guests in Bantul Regency. Thomas Suji Antoro represents the management of Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. thanking those who have helped, special thanks to BPBD, OPD, the Police and the Military for supporting disaster preparedness, because this program is a part of the company’s responsibility to its employees. As the highlight of the event, the Regent of Bantul signed the Maesindo Indonesia inscription as a Tough Disaster Company.

As a pioneer of tough disaster company in Indonesia, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. invites other companies to always be ready before, during and after a disaster. Simulation and working with related parties is very important for the safety of all employees.