Facemask Family

Facemask Family

FACEMASK is the main protection device of respiratory that has been used since decades ago. It is believed to filter the air better and prevent transmission of the disease through the air. Maesindo Indonesia ltd. as a manufacturer of disposable nonwoven for hygiene protection, gives innovative touches on facemask disposable nonwoven products, which are soft and capable of filtering air more strongly.

Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. produces 3 layers and 4 layers of facemask which are strong filtering the air and able to hold bacterial, also provide comfort for its users. Based on the Nelson Lab. USA tests, facemasks made by Maesindo Indonesia is proven as a facemask that is good for use in the surgery process (type IIR), industrial (type II) and daily use (type I).


Protect breathing with the best filter quality on facemasks made by Maesindo Indonesia Ltd.

Material : PP Spunbond (nonwoven) & meltblown
Color : White


Size :
– Adult (universal)
– Kids (smaller)

Packing / carton : 50 pcs x 10 innerboxes


Certification :