Coverall Dark Blue

Coverall Dark Blue

Coverall is a protective garment that is intended to protect the wearer from liquid splash, dust, dirt even an injury.

As one of the requirements in the industrial world, coverall is a main requirement in protecting workers from various contacts. Coverall, which covers the wearer’s entire body, from head to toe makes ┬áthis clothing be an important item. Company management of mining, construction, painting, food industry and other industries even require employees to use coverall as one of the standard of Occupational Health & Safety.

Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. answers the needs of coverall by presenting disposable products to provide more hygiene, and provide convenience for all users. Comes with soft & strong nonwoven material quality, Maesindo Indonesia provides extra comfort for various purposes of use.


Material : PP Spunbond
Color : Navy Blue / Dark Blue
Size : L, XL, XXL

Packing : 1 pc x 25 polybags


Certification :