Cake Case Color
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Cake Case Color

Only for cake serving, high specification papers are not really required. The important ones are easy to use, oil resistant, perfect shape, and look beautiful. MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. through GRADE brand provides cake liner products with quality paper and able to provide good contrast.CAKE CASE SOLID COLORMade from high quality paper, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd.'s Baking Cups has excellent performance for baking and serving. Available a wide selection of paper materials, customable printing, and customable solid color to fulfil the needs of the market.Material : Standard Greaseproof Paper / Food PaperColor : Any Color

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Please check our paper materials comparison to fit your needs with the best paper material below :MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. & GRADE provide 4 different papers for Baking Cups and Cake Case product with each character to fulfill market needs. We realize the requirement of Bakery, Cakery and Sweets are different, therefore 4 paper materials are the best solution to choose.STANDARD GREASEPROOFIt is a paper has good easy-slip character and be favorited by home-bakers in the world. Medium performance of grease-resistant with most competitive price in the market, this paper material become a best choice of home bakery and medium bakery industries in the world.




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