Grocery Bag

Published by Admin | 18 Agustus 2018

Referring to the plastic-ban regulations in the world, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. as a world-class manufacturer of Foodpackaging Disposables produces a product for solution of plastic replacement.


With paper as basic materials, recyclable and easily decomposed in the soil, it is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, SAFE FOR THE EARTH, SAFE FOR LIFE.

Maesindo, which is located in Indonesia, is certainly gets benefit because this country is a paper-producing country. We are able to provide very competitive prices to serve the world needs.

The quality of paper is very good and strong, perfect for use as counter and grocery bags in supermarkets. Maesindo Indonesia presents various sizes to suit the needs of each supermarket.

For Supermarket, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. provides two thickness options:
– 50 gsm for counter bag
– 70 gsm for grocery bag

Get special quality, with special prices and special production’s lead time.