As a step to maintain environmental sustainability, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. committed to always produce environmentally friendly products and becomes a solution for the community. SIAL INTERFOOD exhibition that was held on 20 -23 November 2019 at JiExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. launch “GO GREEN” theme and present new PAPER BAG products, that will be a solution product in substitutes plastic bags.

In this moment, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. invites Indonesian people to be aware of the environment and the dangers of using plastic bags that pollute the environment. According to Roland Kadhafi as the exhibition coordinator, there should be a breakthrough to reduce plastic pollution on this earth. As a manufacturer in the disposable world, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. has a vision for to let Indonesia using paper bag substitutes plastic bag.

Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. as the leading manufacturer of disposable paper for food packaging which has been exporting for many countries for 25 years, also presents reliable products such as Baking Cups, Cake Cases, Doilies Paper, Chef Hats, Forage Hats and others into this exhibition. The official distributor of Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. products came to visit the booth to see every innovation that had been made.

This annual event that has been participated for 3 times with 327 guests who were quite enthusiastic about this new paper bag product. With high enthusiasm visitors, a high campaign of paper products will continue to be improved.