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Increasingly fast and convenient lifestyle with hygiene requirements are forcing people to use single-use or commonly referred to as "disposable" products. The benefits of disposable fabrics are designed to reduce the contamination and transmission of harmful substances or particles to and from the human body. The disposable product is immediately thrown or destroyed after being used .

MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd., manufacturer of disposable nonwoven products has always innovated to produce high quality disposable nonwovens meeting the needs of the market for medical and general hygiene protection.

MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. produces a soft and strong non-woven fabric through its high-tech machine, which is then crafted by highly skilled tailors, thus allowing to obtain superior equipment all accepted across all continents.

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Solida is Maesindo’s entry level brand for its surgical wear and medical products line. The emphasis is on being affordable while still giving the required level of protection stipulated in regulations. This line gives cash strapped customers the possibility to access disposable surgical wear and other medical products.

Med 99 is Maesindo’s premium line of Medical and surgical wear products. Med 99’s range of products were specifically designed to achieve the highest possible level of protection to its users. The goal is to perform in the most demanding of workplaces while conserving the user’s peace of mind concerning safety.

M-i is Maesindo’s main brand for its medical and surgical wear products line. Named after the abbreviation of company itself (Maesindo Indonesia), this brand symbolizes the company’s ethos: world class quality, durability and hygienic.