Published by Admin | 18 Agustus 2018

Based on the global issue of eco-friendly, MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. as a world-class manufacturer has been provided paper products for years. With the innovation we made, we believe there is a better environmental-friendly paper.

Brown Kraft, is one of the best natural paper which good for environment. With no chemical artificial color, this paper is safe while decomposed on the soil, also safe for plants and animals around.

MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. a paper converter factory that care to environment, brings a product that can give maximum Eco-Friendly impression to the users around the world. We also give the users to put the customized logo as a branding and promotion tool, to restaurant, food-truck, fastfood and other food business.

For the maximum comfort, we stick the sweat-absorber band and breathable crown.

Brown Kraft Forage Hat, optimize your Eco-Friendly Idea!!