Cotton Cap with Peak & Snood Blue

Cotton Cap with Peak & Snood Blue

To complete market needs, especially the industrial protective apparel market, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. not only producing single-use (disposable) protective apparel but also fulfill the needs of multi-use protective apparel, especially hygiene protection of the head area. Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. presents worker hat products made of cotton for food, drug, electronic industry workers.

Soft cotton material combined with tricot material provides a cool and comfortable effect, because it can absorb sweat and has good air circulation. Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. as has experience in producing quality products for hygiene protection, be always trying to understand the consumer needs.

Cotton Cap with Peak & Snood – Blue

This re-use-able products still be the favorite, MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. are producing it to support more hygiene market, especially for industrial.

Material : Polycotton
Color : Blue
Size :


Certification :