Satchel Bag – Brown Kraft Paper

Satchel Bag – Brown Kraft Paper


People in the world are increasingly aware that plastic has a bad environmental impact, especially plastic bags that are still being used till now. Floods, garbage in the sea, even plastic bags in the stomach of marine animals are becoming a negative issue recently. Developed countries have stopped using plastic bags, and developing countries have begun to stop using plastic bags.

Paper Bag a solution to replace plastic bags from now, in developed countries the use of paper bags has become a necessity, and in developing countries it will become a good habit. You can imagine thousands years are needed by soil to decay plastic bags, but paper bags only take less than 1 month to decompose in the soil.

MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. and GRADE support the eco-friendly campaigns by producing high-quality paper bags with choice of shapes, sizes and paper colors for different needs.


It is made of Brown Kraft, White Kraft and Greaseproof, with V-shaped bottom and  gusset.

Material : Recycled Brown Kraft Paper
Type : V-Bottom bag (satchel)
Color : Brown
Size :

Width Gusset Height
#4 Satchel / V-Bottom 130 80 248
#8 Satchel / V-Bottom 165 95 300
#12 Satchel / V-Bottom 180 110 330

Packing per carton Options :
1. 10 kgs / carton
2. 2,000 pcs / carton