Private Labeling for Powerful Promotion

Published by Admin | 18 Agustus 2018


Sometimes we can not guess what in the public mind, whether they know our brand or not. Are our brands embedded in their minds and hearts? We realize that our brand has not yet fully entered the public’s unconscious memory. Need extra effort in achieving public awareness to make our brand stronger.

MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. as a disposable product manufacture offering solutions for Fastfood Chain, Supermarket Chain, and Restaurant. We believe in the products MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. result, promotion program will be powerful to touch the public heart.Forage Hats Products, Paper Bags and Wrapping Papers are the best items to be a powerful branding tool.

Excellent printing capabilities, and the latest machine technology, MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. ready to Branding your business.

Easy promotion, powerful effect !!