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MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. is a French-Indonesian company, a manufacturer of Disposable Foodservice Products, Disposable Hygiene Protection Wears, and Medical-Surgical Protection Wear since 1993, located in Yogyakarta, INDONESIA. With the experiences in its field, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. is exporting to more than 150 clients in 57 countries in the world. Over time the trained workforces, good business practices and quality products have earned us a good reputation amongst our customers.
Disposable Food Service products are produced with high and latest technology of production machinery. MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. manufactures Paper Doilies, Baking Cups, Paper Bags and Wrapping Paper supported by Food Grade raw materials. All products has been certified as a proof of our responsibility.
Disposable Hygiene Protection Wears are made to support any jobs. MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. cares the users’ convenience, the products Paper Forage Hats, Paper & Viscose Chef Hats are made to support Disposable Food Service field. For products PP Coat, PP Coverall, Facemask and Mobcap are suitable for worker in many fields.
Disposable Medical-Surgical Protection Wears products such as Facemask, Disposable Drape, Disposable Gown, Disposable Towel are made to support medical business. MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. provides the comfortable, breathable and splash-resistant sterilized PP nonwoven fabric, for the maximum protection during surgical and examination.
Being based in Indonesia, MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. gets competitive advantages, such as abundance of raw material and skilled workers. These both factors affect the competitiveness of price and stable quality products. For internal advantages, the spirit of Quality, Innovation, Communication Service, Competitiveness and Fast Lead-Time are the blood of MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. for the sustainable business in the future.
MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. has passed the requirements to be a trusted and responsible manufacturer. It is shown by HACCP, ISO INTERTEK, SGS, KOSHER, HALAL certificates of quality and management.
Thank you for trusting MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd., to build the fruitful business relationship.

Eco Friendly

Located in South East Asia, Indonesia is a country “split” by the equator line. This means that the climate is unique and very suitable for plants and trees to grow. The result is a country that possesses a large forest area. This abundance of forest coupled with the application of strict new procedures that tone down illegal logging, makes Indonesia as a prominent, new rising supplier of paper material in the world.

Indonesia is now the 8th biggest producer of paper and the 9th largest for pulp; this gives Maesindo Indonesia a competitive advantage, especially for our paper based products because of the abundance of the raw material (paper).

Maesindo Indonesia, as a major manufacturer of food packaging and hygiene products, has made a breakthrough by developing the “Maesindo Paper & Maesindo Greaseproof paper”. These materials have been developed “in-house” and have new, improved qualities that makes our paper products to be of a higher quality and more durable.

The benefits are as follows:
SVLK Certified (Indonesian Legal Timber Certification), Pass Food Contact tests (European and FDA) , Hygienic (certified), Easy Slip, Oil Resistant (up to 24 hours), OBA Free, Halal and Kosher certified, BRC (under process of certification by TUV)

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