Protection for Hygienic, clean, easy, fast and practical are important right now. While people keep their clothes clean, without having to re-wash, that's when the disposable product facilitates practical needs of practical body wear.

MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. as a world-class manufacturer of Disposable Products, produces quality Disposable Bodywear for Hygiene Protection for over 20 years and exports to over 50 countries. With certified products, and company has passed HACCP and ISO 9001, makes MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. become a trusted manufacturer of worldwide distributors.

With the commitment to Quality, Delivery, Communicative, Innovative and Competitive, MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. strive to provide the best products and services for customer satisfaction. A healthy and mutually beneficial collaboration are the ultimate goal.

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Med 99 is Maesindo’s premium line of Medical and surgical wear products. Med 99’s range of products were specifically designed to achieve the highest possible level of protection to its users. The goal is to perform in the most demanding of workplaces while conserving the user’s peace of mind concerning safety.


Jito offers quality and unparalleled pricing for medical and surgical wear products. Positioned to compete in overseas markets.


Solida is Maesindo’s entry level brand for its surgical wear and medical products line. The emphasis is on being affordable while still giving the required level of protection stipulated in regulations. This line gives cash strapped customers the possibility to access disposable surgical wear and other medical products.