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MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. is a French-Indonesian company, a manufacturer of Disposable Foodservice Products, Disposable Hygiene Protection Wears, and Medical-Surgical Protection Wear since 1993, located in Yogyakarta, INDONESIA. With the experiences in its field, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. is exporting to more than 150 clients in 57 countries in the world. Over time the trained workforces, good business practices and quality products have earned us a good reputation amongst our customers.

"Occupational Health & Safety" is Priority

Safety First

MAESINDO INDONESIA Ltd. and MAESINDO GLOBAL MEDIKA (MAESINDO GROUP) as a manufacturers are responsible for the safety and health of its workers in applying work discipline to avoid accidents. More than 23 years, Maesindo Group strives to make a safe, comfortable and competitive workplace.

Prioritizing Occupational Health & Safety (OHS), MAESINDO GROUP applies international standards in preventing hazards that might affect health and safety in the factory. By implementing Anticipation, Recognition, Evaluation and Control, MAESINDO GROUP strives to achieve Zero Accident.

By prioritizing OHS in the work environment, Maesindo Group is expected to be a pioneer of work safety for its stakeholder, worker’s family and environments.

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Handle with Heart


Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. and Medika Maesindo Global (MAESINDO GROUP) are the world-class manufacturer with 90% production activity is for exporting. Experienced for more than 23 years, MAESINDO GROUP provides the best service in product quality, as well as delivery service.

With responsibility and thoroughness, MAESINDO GROUP workers handle production and delivery well. All of that comes from the heart that serves for customer satisfaction.

Not only focus to the quality of products, MAESINDO GROUP cares to containers in every export delivery. Whether it is the container condition or even the truck condition which carrying it to the port.

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Use Paper Bag , Love The Planet

Referring to the plastic-ban regulations in the world, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. as a world-class manufacturer of Foodpackaging Disposables produces a product for solution of plastic replacement. PAPER BAG With paper as basic materials, recyclable and easily decomposed in the soil, it is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, SAFE FOR THE EARTH, SAFE FOR LIFE. Maesindo, which is located in Indonesia, is certainly gets benefit because this country is a paper-producing country. We are able to provide very competitive prices to serve the world needs. The quality of paper is very good and strong, perfect for use as counter and grocery bags in supermarkets. Maesindo Indonesia presents various sizes to suit the needs of each supermarket. For Supermarket, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. provides two thickness options: – 50 gsm for counter bag – 70 gsm for grocery bag Get special quality, with special prices and special production’s lead time.

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