About Us

Maesindo Indonesia is a worldwide manufacturer & exporter of wide range food service disposables & hygiene products, established more than 24 years ago. Our plant & headquarter office is located in Yogyakarta – Indonesia. As Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world, we have very good material sourcing and trained workforce to support our competiveness and high quality products. We are serving mostly food services, Ho-Re-Ca, baking, packaging, food processing, and hygiene and medical industries to all over countries and on five continents.


Why Our Baking Cup Paper ?

Made from Maesindo’s Greaseproof Papers, our baking cup is certified with V Legal as a part of The Indonesian Timber […]

Wax Paper (Panwarp)

New range of packaging product under the registered name of PANWRAP. It is a high quality WAX PAPER suitable for […]

Paper Bag (Flat & Satchel)

MAESINDO PAPER BAGS FOR MORE BENEFITS   Maesindo has just launched a new line of product in Disposable Packaging at […]


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