About Us

Maesindo Indonesia is a French-Indonesian company that manufactures a wide range of food packaging, Horeca and hygiene products. Established 26 years ago in Indonesia, we now ship our goods to 57 countries in 5 different continents. Overtime our trained workforce, good business practices and quality products have earned us a good reputation amongst our customers.


Protect – Pro Face Mask

Protect – Pro Face Mask. One of our finest product which is dedicated forĀ  health care and medical purpose. Light […]

New Packaging Concept for Baking Cups

Introducing New Packaging concept for our Baking Cups Maesindo Indonesia starts from the small thing in succeeding the Green Campaign […]

Why Our Baking Cup Paper ?

Made from Maesindo’s Greaseproof Papers, our baking cup is certified with V Legal as a part of The Indonesian Timber […]


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